Every Project is Unique… like the People Driving It!

Whether you’re a well established company looking to expand on your existing client base, or a new fledgling effort creating the first steps to long and prosperous growth, Hyper Media Group will be at your side through all stages of development. Don’t leave the image and prosperity of your business to amateurs!

Working Together from Concept to Compliments


People are searching online…
will they find YOU??

Will visitors be greeted with an attractive, appealing, user friendly and informative presentation? Will it have the appeal and modern functionality to convert traffic into sales?

Getting people to your website is one thing. Keeping them there is another. Your site not only represents your business, but is your source for sales, donations, bookings, sponsorship’s and so much more. All elements of your online presence must seamlessly combine to function flawlessly.

Together, we will conceive, outline, define and build an online presence that is appealing, user friendly and functional. We provide a comprehensive array of services that will create, establish, rank and grow your efforts in today’s specialized and competitive online marketplace.

Building a strong unified brand image is critical. You want your clients and customers to not only instantly recognize your branding, but to be drawn to it. Hyper Media Group will be at your side, working closely with you through all phases of this individual and technical development. We know that online development can be a scary and daunting endeavor, but together we will create and grow an effective and targeted online strategy locally, regionally, nationally or internationally.

Mobile Friendly

More Searches Originate on Mobile Devices

mobileWith mobile searches now exceeding those from fixed computers and laptops, it has never been more critical to have a mobile friendly website that will display and perform across all devices. Hyper Media Group always provides mobile responsive features in all builds.

Increase your SEO to reach the largest audience in history …the World Wide Web

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eCommerce Online Store

The world wide web is as popular to shop as your corner variety store used to be. With integrated Content Management, you will be able to maintain products, add and delete items and categories, pricing, descriptions and any other information quickly and easily, at any time, from anywhere with an internet connection.

There are multiple considerations involved to seamlessly and effectively get your products to your customers. Shipping, invoicing, online payment streams and other secure transaction selections and logistics all must combine flawlessly. Hyper Media Group will develop and provide you with an online retail outlet that is flexible and detailed, meeting all your individual requirements and specifications.

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Copywriting is the specialized and technical art of developing the words and content that sells your products or services while bringing brand recognition and purpose to your project. Aspects include website content, blogging, newsjacking, flyers and advertising, tag line/hook phrases and much more. Where a salesman reaches one customer at a time, you can reach a wide based audience with your content, descriptions and information.

SEO is perhaps the most important aspect of your online development, and copywriting is critical for online success in today’s competitive web based marketplace. A comprehensive and carefully structured digital marketing and online presence not only includes design, marketing targeted content, growth hacking and social media, but fresh and informative ideas that will engage your audience and build your online rankings and reputation.


Search Engine Optimization

The success of your online presence is in being found in searches. The days of a few simple keywords or meta tags are long gone. Today’s modern online endeavor requires comprehensive Search Engine Optimization techniques include proper niche and audience research, tracking trends, and of course, professional copywriting of blogs and content.

New search engines are constantly launching. Globally established entities such as Google, Yahoo and Bing regularly change their algorithms. Throughout this, Hyper Media Group maintains the most current processes, ensuring users searching from computers, smarts, or tablets around the block or around the world will find you!

We will research your target audience, track and analyze your users and sales, and update your website, marketing strategies and ad content aimed to maximize conversions, all in a package tailored to your budget.


Do you need to continuously change your online content? Often, business depends on constant, rapid, accurate and detailed online listings, products or information. The solution is a custom designed Content Management System. No more contacting your web company, submit content, wait for their attention to your update, ultimately receiving an invoice every single time you need to add a product or listing. With CMS  you can edit, add/remove content, upload images, change details and so much more – ALL with a few simple clicks, and ALL with no update charges.

Hyper Media Group will create a custom user interface to your exact requirements. With a unique and operator friendly format, a Hyper Media Group Content Management System will become the most efficient and powerful tool in your business arsenal. The ability to provide your customers and clients with complete and up to date information is always at your fingertips.

We Completely Understand

Aunt Regina's Cousin's Hair Dresser's Sister's Next-Door-Neighbor knows "All About this Stuff"... However...

Hyper Media Group will work with you in a personal and direct manner to define, create and implement an online presence and marketing strategy relating perfectly between your endeavor and your demographic target audience.

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Professional Image Development

Recognizable – Memorable – Timeless – Versatile
Technical – Specialized – Professional

Working together to create and implement a strong, recognizable and memorable branding image that will translate and perform throughout the wide array of possible applications that specifically apply to your company or project. By unifying your branding image with your external presentations you will maintain coordination throughout your print, packaging, presentation and promotional materials.

Selectively combining elements such as typography, visual arts and page layout techniques will produce a balanced, focused and symmetrical final result. Some common uses of graphic design include logos and branding, company or project identity, website layout, print publication or advertisement and product packaging. Graphic design often refers to both the design process by which the medium is created and the products which are generated.

Logos & Branding

There is no second chance to make a first impression!

Every effective and successful marketing strategy begins with a strong, targeted and memorable branding image. 

Hyper Media Group will identify your ideas, dreams and vision, creating an appealing and recognizable brand, image and logo. Together we develop and present your image while considering the multiple and varied applications required to maintain a flexible but unified projection that will build familiarization and trust with your customers and clients. We will collaborate to identify and define the exact logo that both represents your individual image while reflecting the professionalism you have worked so hard to develop.

Considerations in the development of your branding logo include, for example, color schemes and font designs that will not only look good in one medium such as your website, but will translate into all future possibilities. Whether your business cards, a trade show banner, vehicle graphics or your polo shirts (and everything in between) your image will remain recognizable, constant and unified.

Digital & Print

Hyper Media Group provides a complete graphic design range for print ready materials.  Maintain the brand and image you worked so hard to develop while printing marketing material ranging from business cards, flyers, handouts or information sheets.

We can provide print ready designs in any format & size.

While maintaining your exact brand and image is of primary consideration, producing your materials is important to your plan and your budget. Rapid turn around and direct shipping all at extremely competitive prices combine to make the Hyper Media Group your one stop shop for all your promotional needs.

Merch & Product Branding

This covers a very wide range of applications. From your business cards to your vehicle wrap, promotional flyers and brochures, trade show and display presentations, branding your team clothing, and shelf products or sale items, every aspect must maintain a recognizable and memorable unified branding image.

Hyper Media Group will not only develop these materials with you, provide most printing and promotional requirements and ship them directly to your door, but all at extremely competitive rates. We can design a wide range and versatile bundle of materials that will always maintain and represent your company, event, services, organization or endeavors with targeted presentation applied to every application.

Together, We Can Grow Your Business

From Around the Block to Around The World

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Presence & Marketing has overtaken the web and provides an excellent opportunity for contact between both your brand and your customers, as well as fan and client networking. The old saying “nothing beats word of mouth” has now been replaced with social media access and communication on a global scale.

 By including your social media directly into your website, you can keep everyone up to date, feature new products or releases, get feedback and so much more. We accomplish a seamless integration between all aspects of your project while maintaining your recognizable and respected brand identity.

Social Media Marketing is one of the most powerful tools available, enabling a project to seamlessly interact directly with a global online audience. By driving an effective social media strategy you can provide information, direct conversions and sales, maintain current and up to date listings or simply exchange ideas while getting real time feedback.

Social Media provides you with your unified brand and image, a direct tie to your website, eCommerce, location – virtually unlimited applications. Tailoring a social media platform and implementing functionality specific to your needs helps expand your demographic audience and customer base from around the block to around the world.

Search Engine Marketing

People are searching online, will they find YOU?? Search Engine Marketing (SEM) involves the promotion of websites to increase their visibility in search engine results. Primarily through paid advertising, SEM incorporates with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to maximize website content to achieve higher rankings on search engine results pages, or enhanced Pay Per Click (PPC) listings.

Search engine marketing is a multi-billion industry spearheaded by Google, Bing, and Yahoo that is often broken down to two segments – free (organic) and paid (inorganic) search. Free search engine marketing, or search engine optimization (SEO), uses on-page and off-page strategies to help search engines better understand the relative importance and subsequent rankings of a website’s pages.

Paid inclusion or a Pay Per Click subscription with a search engine company, or sponsored listings, will develop a reliable business plan, placing your site ranking either in the main results area or as a separately identified advertising section. Demographic reach and audience is determined by you, and set to reach locally, regionally, nationally or internationally.

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to your individual and unique project requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I see so many websites that have been created from cheap, basic or "drag and drop" templates. Will this be how you design my site?

No. The main goal for Hyper Media Group is to design and create the perfect online solution for you. We will work closely and directly with you to envision and implement the online image that represents you and your endeavors. Every online project will be approached, designed and built uniquely and individually.

Q. What are the main elements in putting a website on the Internet?

A. There are three main components. First is registering your domain name. This could be a .com, .ca, .org or one of many other domain extensions. Next, is the actual production of your site. Then Hyper Media Group Hosting Services will “park” (aka: place) your site so it is accessible for viewing from around the world.

Q. How much will it cost to make a website?

A. This is where the contact and communication begins. Each project is approached individually. Design costs vary depending on the requirements you have. There is no “fixed” price for website creation. Different options, applications, graphics and functionality requirements can all affect your initial costs. After an initial consultation with our team, we can define a tailored package and offer quotes on all the available options, arriving at a product suited to your budget.

Q. I want to update my site frequently, do I have to contact you each time?

A. That depends.  A Content Management System (CMS) offers a fast and efficient method of client access with immediate update flexibility. Pictures, graphics, text and other components can all be changed on demand. No more sending a request to your web company, waiting for them to “get around to it” and getting invoiced each and every time. And the best part? Setting this up is a one time expense!

Q. Is it possible to work with your company if I don't live close by?

A. Yes, many clients never meet with our team face to face. Through telephone, online chat and email, we can gather all the required information from you, and provide online viewing of the development of your site to you. This is very convenient for you, as you can deal with this on YOUR schedule, Long distance accessibility and solutions are exactly what the World Wide Web is all about!


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